Quick Health Access

Quick Health Access Connects You to the Best Healthcare Options at Top Medical Facilities

Quick Health Access – a division of Green Benefits Group – is a unique, medical concierge arrangement that offers shorter wait times and more options for appointments to regional clinics and testing facilities already connected within our healthcare system.

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To contact our Medical Director now, email Sandy Byrnes at sandy@quickhealthaccess.ca or call 1-800-789-8036 ext. 702.

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A wise financial investment for your business

The cost of paid employee absenteeism is as much as 15% of payroll and rising. Replacement wages, overtime, temporary workers, and employee training costs remain high. But the cost of an absent worker can be exponentially greater within a leadership vacuum with decisions delayed or made in error, lower staff productivity, and other operative challenges.

QHA is a third-party entity, so we mediate and expedite schedules and transactions under a business-to-business arrangement on a company’s behalf. We can also coordinate quicker appointments independently with a member’s completed preauthorized medical consent. By expanding the geographical reach beyond a family physician’s office, we can maximize OHIP coverage by presenting more healthcare options to our members.

Our Unique Medical Offerings

Medical Director – Sandy Byrnes, RN

  • Over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse in both hospital and community clinics.
  • A knowledgeable healthcare advocate who provides an enhanced advisory service for our members.

Fast Diagnostic Appointments (MRI, CT scans)

  • Recovery time is accelerated when a proper diagnosis is determined at the onset of an injury.
  • We can arrange MRI or CT appointments within days after receiving a doctor’s requisition.

Free eSecond Medical Opinions

  • We are aligned with seven of the leading research hospitals in Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Members receive free, electronically transferred second medical opinions (two per year; four per lifetime/person).
  • Watch WorldCare™ video HERE (Note: All members must call QHA first to coordinate their eSecond opinion).

Access to an Extensive Network of Medical Specialists

  • We find quicker appointments to medical specialists in the region that are beyond a family doctor’s roster.
  • Our specialist network includes dermatology, gynecology, mental health professionals, ophthalmology, urology, and many more.

Executive Health Exam Discounts at Top National Clinics

  • These comprehensive medicals can determine the onset of a critical illness or devise a strategy to improve overall health.
  • We offer members up to 30% off regular executive medical rates.

Joining is easy and there’s no need to undertake a medical before enrolment. Single, Couple or Family memberships are very affordable and are covered either individually or corporately. Employee or membership volume discounts are also available upon request.

For more information about this program, speak with your Green Benefits Group consultant, or contact Sandy Byrnes at sandy@quickhealthaccess.ca or call 1-800-789-8036 ext. 702



“One of our executives was experiencing severe pain in his lower back so he could not get out of bed and took time off work. His doctor ordered an MRI for him, but he had to wait nine weeks for the appointment. One call to Quick Health Access and the MRI was scheduled in TWO days in Toronto. The MRI revealed a torn disc that required immediate surgery. Because of QHA, he had his surgery and started rehab prior to the original MRI appointment arranged through his family doctor. Thanks for saving us time and money in lost productivity!” – C. A., CEO