Quick Health Access

Quick Health Access Connects You to the Best Healthcare Options at Top Medical Facilities

Welcome to Quick Health Access – a unique benefit as part of an overall compensation package. Quick Health Access quickly connects members to top medical experts and offers healthcare options when your staff needs them the most. Quick Health Access provides peace of mind so people can focus on what matters – their wellbeing. Our clinical network offers shorter wait times and more appointment options to regional clinics, testing facilities, and other medical options already connected within our healthcare system.

A wise financial investment for your business. The cost of paid employee absenteeism is as much as 15% of payroll and rising. Replacement wages, overtime, temporary workers, and employee training costs remain high. But the cost of an absent worker can be exponentially greater within a leadership vacuum with decisions delayed or made in error, lower staff productivity, and other operative challenges. Quick Health Access is a third-party entity, so we mediate and expedite schedules and transactions under a business-to-business arrangement on a company’s behalf. We can also coordinate quicker appointments independently with a member’s completed preauthorized medical consent. By expanding the geographical reach beyond a family physician’s office, we can maximize OHIP coverage by presenting more healthcare options to our members.

Our Unique Medical Offerings

Medical Director on Staff

  • You have personal access to our Medical Director (a registered nurse) for your requests. With over a decade of experience in hospitals and clinics, our Medical Director will act as your healthcare advocate to provide you with professional advice, consultation, and peace of mind.

Faster Diagnostic Appointments (MRI, CT scans)

  • Recovery time is accelerated when a proper diagnosis is determined at the onset of an injury. We can arrange MRI and CT scan appointments within days after receiving a doctor’s requisition, significantly cutting down on wait times.

eSecond Medical Opinions

  • As a member, you and your registered dependents can receive free electronic second opinions to review a diagnosis already made by a doctor. We are strategically aligned with many of the leading research hospitals in Canada and the United States.

Access to a Network of Medical Specialists

  • Rather than waiting on one referral, we can find other appointments with medical specialists in the province that may have shorter wait times. Our regional network includes such specialties as dermatology, gynecology, neurology, ophthalmology, mental health professionals, and more.

Executive Health Exam Discounts at Top National Clinics

  • Executive health exams can determine the onset of a critical illness or devise a strategy to improve your overall health. We offer members a discount off regular executive health exam rates at the top national clinics.

For more details about our Quick Health Access program, kindly contact your
Green Benefits Group advisor/consultant.


You’ve seen a doctor. They recommend you visit a specialist or have more tests done, such as an MRI. You may also feel like you want a second opinion. Any of these scenarios may take months or even years to schedule… and that’s when we can help!



“One of our executives was experiencing severe pain in his lower back so he could not get out of bed and took time off work. His doctor ordered an MRI for him, but he had to wait nine weeks for the appointment. One call to Quick Health Access and the MRI was scheduled in TWO days in Toronto. The MRI revealed a torn disc that required immediate surgery. Because of your service, he had his surgery and started rehab prior to the original MRI appointment arranged through his family doctor. Thanks for saving us time and money in lost productivity!” – C. A., CEO