Bujold Colburn Employee Benefits

Green Benefits Group & Bujold Colburn Employee Benefits

In September 2021, Bujold Colburn Employee Benefits located in Welland, Ontario, joined Green Benefits Group Inc. The synergy created by this partnership enables both parties to continue expanding their foothold in the benefits and retirement marketplace.

Bujold Colburn Employee Benefits, established in 1986 and led by Dolorese Bujold Wright, is one of the foremost benefits and retirement planning firms in the greater Niagara region and has a similar business philosophy to Green Benefits Group.

The expansion of the two firms in the region supports a vision of local guidance and enhances the continued delivery of strategies. The combined years of industry experience as well as access to Green Benefits Group’s preferred pricing agreements, innovative communications tactics, shared operational resources, and broad network of peers and solutions, meets the growing needs of clients.

The advantage of having two locations working together also provides the ability to better serve local communities and beyond.


Green Benefits Group (Niagara Office)
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