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benefit by going Green

Green Benefits Group provides clear direction companies and employees require to achieve financial wellbeing and security.

 Employee Benefits


Green Benefits Group’s approach is different and distinctive. Instead of offering a quick fix to your plan costs, we can improve your overall plan structure for consistent and sustainable savings year after year.

 Retirement Planning


The pension and retirement planning landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Many businesses are unaware of their pension plan performance, as well as how little their employees understand financial preparation for retirement.

Executive Compensation


Your key employees are critical to the success of your business. We’ve come up with complementary incentives to recruit, retain and reward your top talent.

 Financial Planning


Whether you are an employee looking to invest in your future, or a business owner who needs advice on securing your assets, Green Benefits Group offers you professional guidance.

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Welcome to Green Benefits Group, an experienced team of benefit and financial consultants representing clients in Ontario.

We believe our approach to employee benefits, retirement plans and personal financial planning is different from other advisory firms. Through our national alliance network, we are able to offer businesses a cost effective, sustainable strategy that is agreeable to both you and your workforce. Even if you already have an established benefit or retirement arrangement, our strong evaluation process can highlight potential risks and insurance shortfalls within your current plan designs. Likewise, if we identify a plan design that functions well for you, we will gladly advise you to keep that approach.

Green Benefits Group understands why and how our benefits industry constantly evolves. By embracing change and evaluating the latest trends, we can combine the best options to empower our clients with superior arrangements. Our team is always available for advice, or to give an informed second opinion. Let’s take the right steps forward together.

We are a progressive advisory firm. Contact us today to discover why.