Group Retirement

Group Retirement Starts With A Sustainable Plan

Question: Do you think money managers’ fees are fair?

Most pension plan sponsors–especially companies with established plans–have an understanding that investing fees are high. However, many don’t recognize which high-priced investments inhibit positive portfolio growth. In most cases, once a plan is established their advisors become inattentive and fail to monitor performance.

A poor performance of funds can seriously hurt your members’ ability to save properly for their retirement. Here is an actual case we observed:

  • A member with $50,000 invested in a moderate portfolio
  • The amount grew to $68,000 in five years
  • If the same amount were invested in another carrier’s moderate portfolio but with better fees, that amount would have grown to almost $90,000
  • That’s a substantial difference of $22,000, or 32% higher in the same time frame

With disappointing results like this, is your plan maximizing its full potential?

Specializing in reviewing plans, recommending better investments, and lowering management fees.


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