Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Business Owners and their Employees

Whether you are an employee looking to invest in your future, or a business owner who needs advice on securing your assets, Green Benefits Group offers professional guidance for your financial planning. In fact, we created a special financial division to help our clients achieve their financial targets.

The following illustrates the process we use to determine a client’s financial goals:

  • Assess and catalogue your entire financial security requirements.
  • Discuss tax effective wealth creation, insurance protection and estate preservation.
  • Fully explain how taxes will affect you and your business from one generation to the next.
  • Make recommendations and help you implement these plans over time.

In addition to having a Financial Advisor & Insurance Consultant on standby, we examine your personal needs outside of your group benefits plan and designs a personal financial plan. For example, we work with business owners in corporate tax planning, wealth management, and tax and estate planning. We also settle estate plans and freezes on various corporate levels. Finally, we use partnered resources to allow for informed and accurate decisions, such as legal council, tax and estate planning lawyers, HR services, private wealth management and more. Our overall goal for clients is to put themselves, their families, and their businesses in a better financial position for current and future generations.


We created a specific division to help our clients achieve their financial targets.


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