Green Benefits Group Inc.
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Green Benefits Group Inc.

Group Benefits

Rob Green (President & CEO): x 223 |

Keaton Turkiewicz (Partner, Benefits Consultant): x 227 |

Melanie Porter (Benefits Consultant & Director of Operations): x 224 |

Dolorese Bujold Wright (Benefits Consultant):

Ian McLeod (Benefits Consultant): 647-406-1332  |

Pension & Retirement | Financial Health Team

Paul Webber (Savings & Retirement Plan Leader): 416-565-6955 |

Trevor Kearns (Financial Health Specialist):

Christopher Steele (Financial Health Specialist):

Inquiries? Contact:


Patti Nesbitt (Lead Account Manager): x 222 |

Jennifer Greenwood (Account Manager): x 221 |

Lori Reale (Client Care Specialist): 905-735-2252 |

Heather Green (Administration & Event Coordinator):

Marketing & Communications

Vince Franco (Marketing & Communications Director): x 225 |

Quick Health Access, a division of Green Benefits Group

Paulina Kubik (Medical Director): 1-800-789-8036 ext. 703 |

NCHR Consulting & Recruitment Services

P: 1-905-818-6247 | E: