Tax & Estate Planning

Tax & Estate Planning for You and Your Beneficiaries

Green Benefits Group specializes in the areas of tax, estate, financial and investment planning.

Through our experience, we have found that business owners are faced with very unique opportunities and responsibilities. The success and failure of a business is often placed on the shoulders of owners. Most of our clients have not had the time to take a step back and examine their changing/growing business over the years.

Unfortunately, because of your business’s growth and success you are no longer protected by the basic coverages of a group benefits plan. We have seen how improper planning can cause tax inefficiencies, income loss, failed family income protection, failed business protection and much more. We want to help you with these challenges.

Since there is a strong incentive for business owners to accumulate profits inside their corporation, owners accumulate investment assets within their corporations.


Having a comprehensive tax and estate plan in place is important for not only you, but your beneficiaries.