Prescription Choice Programs

Prescription Choice Programs – Brand Names at Generic Prices

Sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers, InnoviCares™ and RxHelpONE™ are unique prescription benefit programs that provide employees with a choice to stay on their brand name drugs at the generic price. They provide supplementary drug coverage on 100+ original brand-name medications, and other medical products, including blood glucose meters and test strips. There are no monthly fees and each card is accepted at most Canadian pharmacies. This program is part of the Benefits Alliance affiliated network.

Program Highlights

The program is intended to bridge the cost difference between original brand name medications and their generic alternatives, supporting greater access and choice for employees.

  • No cost to you or your benefit plan
  • Provides free supplementary drug coverage
  • Coordinates with your primary drug plan
  • Helps alleviate many financial barriers when choosing brand name medications
  • Access to medications and other healthcare products, such as blood glucose devices and supplies
  • Products are regularly added to both supplementary programs

How to Find your Brand Name Medication and to Register

The main difference between InnoviCares and RxHelpONE is the brand names covered. Each website has a current list of all eligible prescription medications and how to register for your card. These cards can be used every time an active member visits their pharmacy to start or refill a prescription. To start taking advantage of the medications available, simply register online:







There are no monthly fees and the cards are accepted at most Canadian pharmacies.