Preferred Partner Network

Preferred Partner Network Discounts

Drug costs have been steadily rising over the years, so it is important for employees to actively participate in making better economical choices in order to keep their benefits plan sustainable. Through our partnership with Benefits Alliance, we have exclusive access to a variety of discounts for you and your family with our Preferred Partner Network (PPN). By choosing a PPN service, you will find more affordable choices while lowering your plan’s overall claims costs (i.e. prescription drug markup is capped at 10% for Metro and Food Basics). Markups are usually 15-32%, depending on the drug and the pharmacy.

Local PPN Pharmacies:

  • Metro Pharmacy

  • Food Basics Pharmacy

  • Costco Pharmacy

TELUS Health’s Online Pharmacies:

  • TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy

  • Pocketpills

TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy (formerly Alliance Pharmacy Group) is a full-service, national pharmaceutical delivery service that makes managing your prescriptions easy with convenient delivery options to almost anywhere in Canada. Learn more and sign up at

Pocketpills is Canada’s leading online pharmacy and helps you stay healthy by making medication easier to access and manage. Watch ads on YouTubeLearn more and sign up at

PPN Vision Offer:

You can also find discounts for glasses and contacts at FYidoctors locations.

Learn more by visiting

*Note: By default, all Green Benefits Group clients are preregistered for general PPN discounts. If your benefits plan has a specific arrangement with a participating PPN, please contact your Plan Administrator for details. Thank you.