Genetic Testing Solutions

Special Offers on Genetic Testing Solutions

Our DNA contains information in the form of a genetic code that determines our individual traits and characteristics. This code is made up of four types of DNA building blocks, “A, C, G and T” and testing reveals your personal response to medications, nutrition and lifestyle factors. Specifically with pharmacogenetic testing, your DNA holds important information about how your body will react to drugs before you take them.

DNALabs Canada

Green Benefits Group has partnered with DNALabs to offer up to 35% off the regular rates on three genetic testing solutions:

DNALabs is a Canadian owned genetics company that is committed to providing genetic testing solutions to help everyone know more about themselves. With a simple cheek swab, healthcare practitioners can now personalize treatment options that are best suited for each of us!

*NOTE: Some Health Spending Accounts or Wellness Spending Accounts may cover a portion (or all) of the cost for genetic testing services. If you have an HSA or WSA, please speak with your Plan Administrator.


DNALabs offers up to 35% off the regular rates for all Green Benefits Group's clients