Retirement & Planning

Retirement & Financial Planning

The pension, retirement and financial planning landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. When examining our involvement in developing benefit plans, we also discovered that many businesses are unaware of their retirement or pension plan performance, as well as how little their employees understand financial preparation for retirement.

Both employers and employees should consider a number of factors that can lead to retirement plans moving off target:

  • Employers are not up to date on the performance of their group of funds.
  • Employers are not fully aware of the costs (IMFs) associated with their group pension plan.
  • Employees are unsure of the company’s retirement offerings.
  • Employees are anxious about the possibility of not saving enough to meet their anticipated retirement needs.
  • Employees don’t have access to support and advice on good money management.

Take the guesswork out of your retirement challenges and let a Green Benefits Group advisor help guide you in the right direction.



A poor performance of funds can seriously hurt your members' ability to save properly for their retirement.


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