Retirement Education

Retirement Education in a Convenient, Non-Sales Environment

In a 2014 news story covered by major media outlets in Canada, BMO Financial Group* released survey results that included shocking statistics about Canadians and their retirement plans. The majority of Canadians surveyed are crafting their retirement plans based on unstable variables rather than practical initiatives:

  • 40% are counting on an inheritance.
  • 34% are hoping to win the lottery with 14% “relying heavily” on that prospect.
  • 89% expect the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) to cover retirement costs with 31% planning to “rely heavily” on CPP, despite an average monthly payout of less than $600 a month.
  • 59% will take a part-time job after they retire.
  • 49% say the sale of a home or property will fund their retirement.


We recognize that financial wellness is an important element of overall employee health.


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